Main tourist sites

Nardò - Main sights: this Baroque town in the heart of the Salento subpeninsula of the heel of Italy extending southeast between the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, has landscapes considered to be among the most beautiful in Italy, baroque monuments, baroque churches and masserie (typical ancient fortified farmhouses).The coast has sandy and rocky sections, but allows some lovely views of the Natural Park of Portoselvaggio.

The territory of Nardò includes 34 km of Ionian Sea coast with ancient fishermen villages:

Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina and Santo Isidoro.

The main places and monuments: Salandra Square is the center of the city, the Cathedral, built around 1000 AD. It has a facade dating from the 18 th century, but the interior has retained its original appearance Romanesque-Gothic Church of SanDomenico (built between 16 th and 18 th century) has a highly decorated Baroque-stylefaçade with caryatids and columns, the Carmelite church, with a beautiful Renaissance portal, Church of St. Cosmas (1618), the Temple of Hosanna (1603).