The adriatic coast

Salento - the Adriatic Coast: the adriatic coast, rich in small bays and breath-taking coves being reflected into a rarely beautiful crystalline sea. The reefs turning into real works of art carved by the strength of the waves and by the windm on precipice, creating scenographic mortises accessible only from the sea and that from Otranto downwards set into its cliffs, precious pearls like the aristocratic and Moorish town of S. Cesarea, famous for its sulphureous waters or Castro with its village defended on the hill and the innumerable coves, the "Zinzulusa" is worth a visit.

Reefs appear while covering the Ciolo place until S. Maria di Leuca, "de finibus terrae", we are in the most Eastern area where the land finishes giving space to wide horizons.

Exclusive, aristocratic, it loves showing its privileged position as needed. A centre rich in natural beauties and historical testimonies, an exemple is given by the splendid villas, hidden among the pine woods and the olive trees facing the sea, or better said, two seas since the Adriatic merges with the Ionian sea and viceversa. Different-styled residences, from Neo-gothic to Moorish, from Chinese to neoclassic.