The ionian coast

Salento - the Ionian coast: the Ionian Coast shows logn stretches of sand, dunes covered with mirth, juniper bushes and surrounded by the Mediterranean bush alternated to low reefs and sighting towers, this is a constant characteristic along over 200 km of Salentine coast, the water is Caribbean here, being just as good as these places.

From Punta Pizzo, the bay of Gallipoli opens, this one called the beautiful town, as its Greek etymology "kalè polis".

The historical centre is on an island, with narrow and tortuous alleys where Baroque churches and palaces rise.

Just a few northward, the landscape changes again, the high reefs of the Adriatic sea can be seen again, thick stretches of pine woods achieve the apotheosis with the natural park and the sea reserve of Porto Selvaggio, close by S. Caterina di Nardò, another elegant and famous bathing localitym reachable by boat or coming down after a long walk in the pine wood, at the end of which the sight is charmed before such triumph.

Immediately after the reef is followed by the uncontested queen of the Ioniano Coast, the white beach of Porto Cesareo and Punta Prosciutto.